1. @Hoontae Yeah I row for my rowing club. It works pretty much the same here
    in the states as anywhere else. You can start when you are in 8th grade, at
    rowing clubs that cost a bit of money but are soooooooo worth it. yeah I
    mostly do port on 8′s (4 or 2 seat) and quads (2 seat), and a little bit of
    doubles but not quite as much. I mostly sweep port(I can do both though),
    but I do a bit of sculling too. I am pretty well rounded. How about you
    whats your spilt time??

  2. @Reezie78 Thanks! :) Good luck with the 5min goal, def possible. My advice
    is just to push through the pain as its only temporary where as your times
    you get to keep!

  3. @filibusterfirework74 I do row for my college, Intermediate 3 category
    rowing in 8s and 4s. Strong core needed :P Im not sure how it works in the
    US, what/who do you row with? school/college, 8s/quads?

  4. !0 mins 5 secs is NOT mediocre! Awesome mt goal is to get to 5mins right
    now. Im at 3mins 2secs so far.

  5. This is crazy good Sam! Wow, I had no idea how strong and fit some of my
    viewers were. I guess I’ll have to start making them harder :)

  6. You obviously have a steel frame skeleton. I’m not sure if that’s allowed
    in the rules. :) This is bananas.

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